The Start of Me Made May

Hi All!


I can’t believe it’s already May. I think I do this every year- It starts with Fall and I love the crisp cool weather, then it’s winter and I’m like- this is cool, I like this- then it’s still winter.. and I think it will never end and just accept that it will last forever, when suddenly I stop thinking about it and poof! It’s May again, and just like that- warmer weather, longer days and summer almost here! And for the last 3 years I’ve had Me-Made-May to jumpstart me into my Spring/Summer wardrobe, and think again about all the things I love wearing when I’m not having to bundle up for warmth.


This is what I’ve been wearing so far for the first week and a bit:


Grey Bamboo Bra Set 

I’ve been a little more lax with my goal this year, and although I still wear me-mades everyday- some days I might miss the photo- I used this set as my Day 1 & 2- it is still an everyday go-to bra

Black Lace & Print Thong

This was a favourite make from the #SewPantyParty, and I’m a bit surprised to be honest, because I’ve never been a thong person before- I thought they looked a bit like torture- but then I found a new style and tweaked the pattern to my liking, and WOW- they are so comfy and easy to wear- I’m pretty amazed.

Chartreuse & Black Bra

I wear this bra all the time, it’s a classic in my rotation, simple, easy to wear and I wear the matching panties a lot too- because I also love a nice bikini cut underwear.

Off-the-Shoulder Striped Bethioua

This is technically my mom’s sweater, and we share it. It has this kind of cosy, slouchy feel, but I also feel kind of chic in it- I think it’s the black and white stripes. I wore it one day in Barcelona with red lipstick and I felt like I had a nice style. I think this one will be a keeper in my wardrobe.

Ogden Cami Dress

This was my Sunday post make- and my most recent clothing make. It hasn’t actually been warm enough here to wear it yet, but I did make it before my trip and photographed it in Barcelona. I love this dress, it’s so easy and comfortable- and honestly making this pattern into a dress I have a million more ideas of how this could be pattern-hacked, and changed for so many more beautiful things!

Off-the-Shoulder Lane Raglan

So I clearly have something for the ‘off-the-shoulder’ styles and this has been a staple in my wardrobe. It’s so soft and so easy- grey goes with everything. This photo was taken in the back alleys of downtown Belleville, while mom & I were taking a break to walk Gibby – I love finding cool little things like this 🙂

Parisian Bra Set 

This is a real classic Emerald Erin set. This is when I first discovered my favourite bra fabric- Bra Tulle– and I made some of my best bras ever. This bra was a favourite of many- and one that I keep for special occasions, when I’m feeling a little more feminine and fancy 🙂

I’ve had a bit of a slow start to May, in fact, I’ve had a bit of a slow few weeks. Before my family trip to Barcelona, I was really pouring it on, going full steam ahead, 24/7 to get as much as I could done, not just prepping the shop and trip planning, but also working on some of my pattern projects. Then the trip happened, and it was 15 days of go-go-go fun exciting activities everyday, which was amazing and such a fantastic experience! But, as the person who was doing the lions share of planning, navigating and guiding – it was a bit much- especially for my introverted self. So naturally, as I came down from my travel adrenaline rush on the flight home, I caught the latest version of the plague, and was pretty much a snuffling mess for the next two weeks.

Now it’s been a couple days since my cold is over, and I still feel, tired? maybe, or still a bit burnt out? And I’ve realized that- even though I’m technically over my cold and not snuffling anymore- I still need a little extra down-time. I’m really trying not to feel guilty about this, or super stressed at how much slower my Spring business and blog goals are going, because I know that there is no point, and this is just what I need. Despite my best efforts, I’m not super-human, I’m actually one of those humans who could comfortably sleep 9-10 hours a day, and enjoys lots of extra alone time in the quiet.

I know that I have a never-ending list of goals, and so many amazing things coming up in the next few months, but I also know that I’m going to have to take them one step at a time – at least for the next couple of weeks ; )

Do you struggle with this too? Are you having a good start to spring?

I always love talking to you in the comments!



Ogden Cami Dress & #MMMay2017

Hi All!

I decided it was time to do a little selfish sewing 🙂 With my trip to Barcelona last month, and Me Made May coming up I wanted to think of a perfect addition to my spring/summer wardrobe. I wanted something light, something simple, something comfortable and easy to wear.. and I thought about how much I love and wear my two Ogden Cami’s that I made last fall.. and it hit me- an Ogden Cami dress!


I made this dress with a lightweight drapy rayon that I found at Fabricland- and I just couldn’t resist this fabric! It has a perfect super-soft feel and neutral colours but with birds! YAY!

This is probably one of the most simple pattern hacks that you can do too! I simply extended the pattern- I measured on myself how long I wanted the dress to be from the centre front, then I extended the centre front of the pattern piece to that length, and the same at the back but 1″ longer, just to accommodate for going over my butt- as you must. At the side seams I just let them gently continue at the angle they were going which gave me a slightly flared by not-too-much volume skirt. I also gave the hem a little curve, just so it was a bit more dynamic. – perfect and super simple- I’m already dreaming of the next one I want to make!



This dress is like secret pyjamas- SO comfy- especially if you just wear it on it’s own. But when I was taking these pictures on holiday it was perfect because it got nice and warm in the day, but when the sun was going down I needed long sleeves- so I paired it with a denim shirt overtop that I could tie around my waist in the day- and get a little more shape too 🙂




I wore this dress all over the city- and I felt so good in it! I can’t wait until it warms up enough in Ontario to wear it for Me Made May! I’m sure by the end of May I will squeeze it in! But I still consider this to be a make for my Me-Made-May pledge.


I’m taking Me-Made-May pretty casually this year- normally I do a pledge post and think about what I want to do and make, but this year I’m just winging it. I’m going to do my normal- one different me-made item everyday of May, and try to post it on instagram, with weekly round-ups on the blog which I think I will post on Wednesday. And then for the Sunday posts- I might do a little more clothing sewing- but I’ll definitely be making a bra set for next week- because it has been WAY too long since I’ve made a bra- I think I’m going into withdrawal!

What about you? What are you doing for Me-Made-May? How is your pledge going? Finding any gaps in your wardrobe?


I always love to hear from you!





#BraNews April

Hi All!


This month I’ve fallen completely out of the bra-making world, so I had a wonderful couple of hours today catching up and searching through the blogosphere for all of the highlights of this month! This is what I found.


Firstly we had a pattern release this month from Orange Lingerie! She released her latest bra pattern: The Fenway bra, which looks like a super chic pattern!

She’s even had time to put out a tutorial on two ways to use lace with the Fenway, and I’m already seeing some beauties on Instagram!


Stevie wrote a wonderful post over on her blog Beebee’s Handmade Dress about the Anatomy of a Bra Kit which is an excellent guide to beginners who are trying to figure out all the bits and pieces of bra supplies!


Ying of Tailor Made Shoppe has had a super busy month putting together two fantastic pattern rescuers lists! First she came out with a list of 25 Soft Bra Patterns – which is awesome- but then completely outdid herself later in the month with her list of 50 Panty Patterns, which is just fantastic!


Hannah of Evie La Luve, has been back at her Youtube channel, this time with an excellent little Series on Basic Panty Construction .


And finally Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier put out a lovely inspirational tutorial on Embellishing your Handmade Bras with Ruffles


And now all the beauties that you sent in this month <3





Thank you so much for all these gorgeous submissions & all the amazing posts you’ve been making this month!

So, what do you have planned for May? I can’t wait to see 🙂



Calling for Bra Submissions!

Hi All!


I’m back!! YAY! And first things first- Bra News! Coming up this Sunday will be the Bra News post for April and I would love for you to send me all the wonderful things that you’ve been making!


As always please send your: photos, descriptions & blog/instagram links to :


I had such a fun time on my trip, with lots of adventures, family time and maybe a little photography for something coming this summer 😉

I also had the best time ever meeting Sofía of Silver Lining Atelier who is just as amazing in person! We had fun chatting sewing, sipping tea and doing a little shopping!


If you don’t follow me on Instagram (why not?!), then you might have missed these trip highlights…



As amazing as the trip was, I have to say I’m just as happy to be back in my own studio, working away at all the projects that I love so much! But now I feel so refreshed with some new inspiration 🙂


Hope you’ve all had a couple wonderful weeks yourself & I can’t wait to see what you’ve made this month!





I’m going on Holiday!!!


Hi All!


This is just a short post to announce that I’m going to be away on holiday!! I’m going on a family trip to Barcelona!! I’m SO excited for the trip! It is a holiday, but of course I’ll be taking as many blog photos as I can while I’m there!


There are a few points of housekeeping while I’m away:


There will be no blog posts for the next 3 Sundays 

Although you won’t see me on the blog, I’m sure I’ll be all over instagram!

The Emerald Studio Etsy Shop will be CLOSED April 2 – 21

I’m going to be closing the shop at midnight (EST) this Sunday April 2, and I won’t be reopening until I get back on Friday April 21. It’s going to be a while – so if you need something – order it before Sunday at midnight!!

That’s all! I hope you all have some amazing makes to show me when I come back! And I did make sure to have access to wifi there- so I’m sure I’ll be creeping all your blogs 🙂



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