Bra-A-Week Eve!! And Buttons!!

Jan 18, 2015 | Bra Makes, STUDIO LIFE | 4 comments

Hi All!!

I can’t believe it’s only one more sleep until this challenge starts! I can’t wait to show you my first bra- and to show all the amazing work that I’ve seen from everyone who has been sending me submissions!

In honour of this challenge my sister was kind enough to design me this gorgeous banner- to go along with the buttons that she made too!

 photo c64d76c9-f158-4a6f-a902-0751f21dbaee_zpse14b65a4.jpg
 photo c64d76c9-f158-4a6f-a902-0751f21dbaee_zpse14b65a4.jpg

Please take one!! Whatever size fits your blog best 🙂

 photo c14f98f6-1cc3-4ecd-9d4a-5b57349ba5e7_zpsc682cf3c.jpg
 photo c14f98f6-1cc3-4ecd-9d4a-5b57349ba5e7_zpsc682cf3c.jpg

I’m so excited about these buttons! Aren’t they so cute?

Also don’t forget to follow, comment and pin to the Group Pinterest Board !

And to join, share and post on the Flickr Group!

And of course- send me pictures, descriptions and links to by the end of tonight, or any Saturday during the challenge to have your bra put in the Sunday Bra Post!

Hope you’re all as excited about the first post as I am!

xo erin


  1. eforshopping

    Erin, this is such fun. Thanks for the badges too! I've added one to my blog.

    • EmeraldErin

      YAY! I'm so glad to hear that! I just put up my post for week 1! 🙂

  2. monserrattlopez

    Hi dear Erin,
    I guess I'm taking one of these and posting in along with my widgets! 😉
    I'm going crazy about making bras and you offer so much inspiration!!
    <3 M

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Monserratt! I love seeing these on peoples blogs!

      You offer us all so much inspiration too!



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