Bra-A-Week: Week 16

May 3, 2015 | Swimwear Makes | 15 comments

Hi All!!

This week I have some lovely swimwear for you! I call this one my mermaid suit! And I think it’s for obvious reasons!

This one is another of my self-drafted suits- very simple high waisted bottoms out of this amazing scale-print swimfabric, and the top is a wrap-over style bikini top!

I’m so in love with this new suit! It’s such a cool look with the wrap over front, and I think it’s very flattering! Especially since I lined the cups with foam to give a little more support.

I drafted this suit using my basic one-piece swim suit sloper, just cutting the bottoms off at the waist, and using the measurements at the top to draft these cross-over top pieces. I love the bit of ruching from the under-arm edge too 🙂 For lining I used peach foam for the cup section, ending it right before the cross-over part in the middle, so that it would lie more flat and be able to ruche!

I think I’m going to add a G-hook in the back instead of having this tie, just so it isn’t quite as bulky, but that’s a simple change. I am absolutely loving the mermaid bottoms!

I think this top would be flattering for so many people too 🙂 And I do realize that I’m obsessed with this turquoise colour, and I promise that my next suit will not be made with the same fabric! lol

I can’t wait to get out swimming in this suit!! And it’s really warming up here in Ontario! I might at least have a chance to do some sunbathing before it’s warm enough for the beach!

Oh I just love Spring/Summer! 🙂

And now on to all the lovelies that you’ve sent me this week!!

First we have these gorgeous Watsons from new contributor Maddy of MissMaddySews!

Maddy made these gorgeous bras using the Watson Pattern from Cloth Habit. She has made 9 1/2 Watson sets- which I do believe makes her another Watson addict!!

I am so in love with all of these- such beautiful lace and dainty colours 🙂 perfect for spring! Maddy’s blog is up-and-coming, so you can look for a post about these lovelies on there soon!

Next we have a very elegant bra from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

Sofia made this bra with a self-drafted pattern- her second and fit-perfected underwired bra!! Congratulations on the perfect fit Sofia!! 🙂

She made this beauty with red stretch satin lined in sheer cup lining, and a bit on rigid lace on the upper cup. Super elegant! Don’t forget to check out Sofia’s post over on her blog!!

Next we have two gorgeous Honeymoon sets from Leah of Is It Really Sew Strange? 

Leah made these gorgeous sets for her friend who is getting married! What a great friend!! She made this one using all-over fabric lace and a beautiful navy fold over elastic!

The second set she made using white lace and ribbon- very dainty and elegant! All you need for a honeymoon ;)!! Don’t forget to check out Leah’s post over on her blog about these sets!

Next we have a pretty pink bra from another new contributor Freya from Elise Patterns!

Freya made this bra using a modified Elan  #645 pattern. I love this pink and black combo! Such a great pop of colour! Don’t forget to go and check out Freya’s post over on her blog!

Next we have another stunning creation from Karin of Mrs.Weaver’s Finest!

This week Karin has truly outdone herself with this gorgeous basque. What is a basque you may ask? It’s essentially a corset, with cups, no front busk and garters! And wow did she do an amazing job!

Karin made this with a beautiful red and black blossom silk brocade with all black accents! Really stunning! Don’t forget to check out Karin’s detailed post about her basque over on her blog!

Next we have a very historical entry from Kerri of Lady K’s Wardrobe Unlocked!

Kerri made these 1800’s pantalettes from the Mantu Maker! Back in the Victorian times ladies used to have separate legs of their undergarments, that they tied separately from their waistband! I can’t even imagine what that would be like can you?!

Next we have this beautiful bra and panties from David of Bonnet Blue

This is David’s pink lace flower bra! How pretty- and another great use of black and pink this week!

We also get a secondary submission this week of some pretty panties! Very nice and delicate!

dpolrolniczak (at) wp (dot) pl

And last but not least we have this beautiful bra from Christie!

Christie made this using the Shelley pattern from the Pin-Up Girls line. She used a double layer of white lace, lined with 15 denier- and a lovely pop with all the black accents!

Christie said she’s enjoying all the sewing motivation from this challenge!! 🙂 I’m sure you’re underwear drawer is happy too!! Yay for sewing!


As always- you guys never fail to impress! Absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see what you all make in the weeks to come! 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to by Friday for the next Sunday post!!

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I hope you’re all enjoying your beautiful weekend like I am!

xo erin


  1. Ginny

    Beautiful lingerie & swimwear everyone!

  2. Sewing with Purpose and Re-purpose

    That is a seriously cute swimsuit! the mermaid scales are perfect for the bottoms. Everyone has such great entries this week! It seems almost everyone was on the same page with lace

    • EmeraldErin

      I know- I'm loving the lace this week! and thanks- I'm totally living in this mermaid suit this summer!

  3. katherine h

    I love that wrap over bikini top! Stashing that idea away for myself.

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Katherine!! Make sure to send me a pic if you make one for yourself!!

  4. Sofía

    I've never been a huge fan of swimwear but in the past few weeks, Erin, you've absolutely changed my mind! As a girl whose favorite fairy tale was The Little Mermaid, I can't do anything but adore your Mermaid suit!! ^^
    And this week everyone has made a wonderful work! As always, Karin's piece is absolutely stunning! And the Watsons made by our new contributor Maddy are realy cute! I love how versatile is that pattern, it's a fantastic starting point for letting one's creativity fly!

    • EmeraldErin

      I'm glad I could make you a swimwear convert Sofia!! I'm also a huge fan of The Little Mermaid- and I'll definitely be swimming like a mermaid in this suit this summer! 🙂

    • missmaddysews

      Thanks so much Sofia!! Hopefully more to come in following weeks 😉

  5. eforshopping

    What a great post! I love all the laces. Can one ever have too much lace? Erin, those swim bottoms are too adorable with the mermaid print. Just lovely, all of the entries.


  6. missmaddysews

    Another brilliant week! Love your mermaid bathers Erin, and Karin's basque is AMAZING – I'd love to make something like that one day! My blog is now up and running, too 🙂

  7. EmeraldErin

    Thanks Maddy! – also your blog is looking great! 🙂

  8. LA Glamorella

    Hi! I love that you so successfully drafted your own bikini patter, thats what I've been trying to do! Could you tell me where you got the one-piece sloper from though? I have a feeling that might help my patterning a ton!

    • EmeraldErin

      Hey! I think I answered you on Facebook with this question- but just so it's in both places: I started with the Denise pattern from PUG patterns, but you could use any very basic one-piece pattern, then I modified it until it was the perfect fit for me, and use it as a sloper for most of my swimwear.


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