Hi All!

This is the final round-up for Me-Made-May!! Can you believe it’s June already!!

DAY 23
On Day 23 it was casual- and a little cooler, so I wore this sweater with a DIY anchor appliqué! Mom did the appliqué on this and I love the nautical theme!
DAY 24
Day 24 was my Bra-A-Week challenge day- so I wore my swimsuit from that week! I love this one- it’s my prettiest suit! Super ruffled!
DAY 25
This was a day for some pretty jewelry- I made this necklace last year 🙂 I really miss jewelry making- I should do it more!
DAY 26
Day 26 I wore this fuchsia and grey lace bra from Week 8 of the challenge, I realize that while I like it, I’m not in love with the shape- it needs a little more work before I would wear it under knits.
DAY 27
On Day 27 I wore these nautical sailor shorts! Mom made this for me a couple years ago and I love them, they’re very light- and the buttons are pretty!
DAY 28
This was another jewelry day- this is actually one my sister made with all these bead flowers cascading down- I love it over this simple navy shirt!
DAY 29
This was my day of an indie pattern make! I made this dress from Sew Caroline- a light summer option! and I did a post on it!
DAY 30
It was a Saturday for strappy bras! and I wore this one from Week 4 of my challenge!
DAY 31
And finally the last day of May was also Week 20 of the challenge and I wore my latest suit! A bikini with a rashguard crop top! I am so in love with this suit!
Well I can’t believe that May is over. May has been an absolutely incredible month for me, truly unbelievable. And I’ve loved wearing all of my me-made things! It’s made me realize how many things I’ve been able to make over the last couple years and how much progress I’ve made!
I think it also made me realize a couple things that I’m missing from my wardrobe- I’m missing some simple tops, and I would like to make some shorts for the summer too!
The challenge has also given me the chance to explore some indie patterns. I have to say that my favourite pattern so far is the Nettie from Closet Case Files. It’s not usual that I buy patterns, and that I’ve already used it three times is incredible- it is truly a staple in my pattern library now! but I’ve really liked all the patterns that I tired and I’ve still got my eye on a few that I didn’t get a chance to make!
Did you participate in Me-Made-May? What did you learn from your month?
Hope you’re having a lovely first day of June!
xo erin