Hi All!
Today I wanted to do a post about elastics today. I’ve done a little highlight about Bliss Wires, and Bra Tulle, and now I thought I’d give a moment to talk about elastics, the elastics I like, and what I use in my bras.
In general I use all the same strapping for my bras, either 1/2″ or 3/4″, whatever width you like. You want something with a bit of stretch, and a nice plush underside to go against your skin! If you are using the strap elastic for the front strap of your bra, you want to make sure that you reinforce it with ribbon, or something non-stretch, because your front strap shouldn’t stretch!
Apart from the strap elastic there is band elastic (there are other special elastics that are more decorative – but I won’t get into those now!)
Of the band elastics there are three main types of elastics that I use and that I offer in my Etsy Shop: regular elastic, fold-over elastic, and fold-over elastic with a picot edge!
The first type of elastic, regular, is really straight forward, this is your ‘band elastic’ that you use on the bottom band of the bra, and on the top band /underarm, you can also use this elastic to finish the neckline.
These are elastics that you sew onto the right side of your fabric, then flip to the inside, so only the picot edge is showing (if you want the picot edge out!). For this type of elastic you want a nice amount of stretch, but a great amount of rebound, something that bounces back really well. And a nice plush side for against your skin.
Regular elastics are a stronger and firmer option than fold over elastics, because they are thicker elastics, and I would recommend them for larger sizes (especially in the 3/4″ width).
I used 3/8″ regular elastic on this Plunge Bra from Week 35!
I like to use a combination of 3/8″ and 3/4″ band elastics, with the 3/4″ band elastic for a wider and more supportive element on your bra band.
The next type of elastic is fold over elastic, I love using fold over elastic. One of the types I use is a plain fold over elastic, which comes flat at 3/4″ that you fold over your unfinished edges of your bra to a finished width of 3/8″. It gives a nice sharp edge to your bra.
I love this type of elastic, it gives a great edge and it has a very soft and gentle pull, and I like using it with the matte side out, but the shiny side is a good other option. This elastic is not as supportive as regular elastic, but is always a great option for necklines, and can be used for the band.
This is the elastic that I used in my Black Beauty Bra.
I have this in my plain fold over kits, with 3/8″ folded elastic and either 3/4″ straps and 3X3 hook and eye or 1/2″ straps with 2X3 hook and eye.
The other type of fold-over elastic I use is picot edge elastics.
These elastics are a gentle, fold over elastics, in both 3/4″ and 3/8″ finished width. They have a lovely matte soft outside. These elastics are not as supportive as a regular elastic but, they are lovely and soft and have the cute picot edge! This is the elastic I used in my Snow White bra.
These are all elastics that I use and love and elastics that are available in findings kits on my Etsy shop and with every bra kit!
I wanted to do the post to explain a little more about them because I’ve been getting lots of questions! So now you know a little more about the elastics!
If you are interested in making a bra, and the kits don’t have the right combination of elastics, or enough elastics or channelling or fabric for your project- you can always send me a custom order request and I can make a kit special to your needs with the elastics that I have!
What are your favourite types of elastics? Do you like using regular, or fold-over? What widths are your favourite?
Let me know!