Hi All,

This week I thought I would do something that I have been completely neglecting this year. I have not made any panties to go with my bras, let alone sets with garter belts! So I thought I would take two of the beauties that I’ve made this last month and turn them into sets, because they really deserve it!

I chose the Black Beauty bra, because I thought I could do something super sleek and cool to match with the look of this bra.

Then I chose The Parisian, so I could have a super pretty and girly set! All of the ruffles and bows!

The true inspiration behind these sets, and my motivation, are all the beautiful sets from Miss Maddy– if you haven’t seen them then make sure you check out her blog- some serious lingerie envy happening! And now I can say that I’ve joined the matching sets club! I even went out and bought some thigh-highs to go with these garter belts!

I’ll show off the Black Beauty set first, and I think it goes without saying that I will not be modelling anything for you this week, I’m not quite that bold, and there is no way that I’m getting out of my flannel pjs this morning to take pictures in sheer lingerie sets! lol!

For this set I drafted the garter belt to be a little bit lower than my natural waist, and to have a cross-over detail in the front, to match the overlapping powerbar in the bra. I used a single layer of bra tulle for the garter belt, with fold over elastic and a hook and eye closure. The front of the panty is also a single layer of bra tulle, with power net for the back of the panty. The panty are a very cheeky style, with a seam up the back and a fairly snug fit, but with the gentle fold over elastic on the leg they actually don’t cut in hardly at all, so I don’t think they would show through clothing too much. Although this will not be an everyday set lol!

I LOVE this set, to me it’s so sleek and cool. I can’t wait to wear it!

Then the next set I made was for The Parisian, and of course this one had to be more pretty and romantic and parisian! I wanted it to feel as delicate as possible to match with the bra!

This set was all about the pretty and the ruffles. This garterbelt sits at my natural waist, and is made with a single layer of bra tulle, fastening with a hook and eye in the back. I finished the edges with 3/8″ band elastic, and the garter straps are 1/2″ strap elastic. The panties are made with a single layer of tulle also but with TONS of extra width to gather into these ruffled panties, which I think are just the cutest things in the whole world. I made them so the elastic is sewn 1/2″ from the raw edge of the tulle, and the raw edge is left as a ruffle!

And of course bows, bows in the center front, bows on the garter strap attachment, all of the bows all of the places <3 <3

I was actually surprised at how long it took me to make these. They weren’t particularly challenging, but by the time I decided what I wanted to make (forever) then drafted the patterns and figured out how I was going to make them, I definitely could have made another bra! I need to make more panties!

I really don’t know which one of these sets I like more. I think I’m naturally inclined to say that the Black Beauty set is my favourite (because I’m not usually a frills kind of girl) but the frills are really growing on me. How about you? which set do you like more?

And now on to all of your lovely bra makes this week!!

First we have this beautiful bra from Angela of My Little Sewing Dreams!

Angela made this bra using the Marlborough pattern from Orange Lingerie and cut and sew foam covered in microfiber and lace! Super pretty!

Angela even made two cut pair of panties to go with this bra! Make sure you head over to her blog and check out more about this gorgeous set! 

Next we have a bra from Réka of Red Heels!

This is the second bra that she’s made using the Maya pattern. This time she made it in this gorgeous deep red silk satin- how luxurious!

I love the rich style of this bra! Make sure you head over to Réka’s post to read all about this bra and sewing with silks! I personally can’t wait for an atonement inspired green silk bra- I think I need one myself!!

Next we have a lovely foam cup bra from Anne!

Anne made this foam cup bra to go under a holiday outfit this year. She needed a black bra, but wanted to spice it up a bit with this brown lace- it did the trick- how cute is this!

She also made some handy modifications, cutting the cup to bring the straps in closer to go under her dress, and finishing the edges with some fold over elastic! Very lovely!

Next we have a beautiful swim set from Maddy of Miss Maddy Sews!

Maddy made this set using some beautiful designer swimwear fabric she found at her fabric store, and the Boylston pattern from Orange lingerie and Grace Panties from Ohhh Lulu. How cute is this set!! I’m super jealous- not only of the suit, but of your Australian Christmas on the beach- how I long for the beach!

I just think this is the coolest swimsuit ever, I love the fabric and the styling! Make sure you head over to Maddy’s blog to read all about this beautiful bathers set!!

And last but not least we have a pretty bra from Jennifer of Jensware!

Jennifer made this bra using a wicking fabric, duoplex and beige findings, using the Classic pattern from PUG patterns. Very simple pretty!

This is her friends favourite working bra, and I’m not surprised, it look so comfortable! Such a great friend! Make sure to head over and check out more about this bra over on Jennifer’s Blog!


Wow!! Another week of such stunning submissions! I’m so excited to see so many beautiful inspiring bras and bathers! And so close to Christmas!

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How is your week going? Are you all ready for Christmas?

lots of love <3