Hi All!

It’s Bra-A-Week 16 already!! And that means that it’s also a make-week! And you already know what you’re in for this week thanks to this lovely teaser:

I LOVE my new body suit!! And not only that, this was the first time I shot my photos in my studio!! YAY!! You all get to see a little peak of the back of my studio 🙂 That’s my make-and-inspiration wall behind me 🙂

And of course, I couldn’t take the photos without Gibby 🙂 You’ve all been missing him 🙂

So on to the body suit! I made this body suit using my Bra Theory tutorial from last week on Drafting your Bra Cups into a Bodysuit.

To add a little more styling to this suit (and a little more modesty) I decided to make some princess lines and line the center panel with an opaque bamboo knit.

The cups in this body suit are very similar to the cups in my black beauty bra, (horizontal seam, bliss wires, external powerbar to strap) just a little bit higher angle on the neckline, for a slightly more V shape 🙂


And this bodysuit was made with my new fabrics!

I made it using my new Miriam Stretch Lace in Black, lined with some beautiful stretch bamboo knit in black! I LOVE my new fabrics! (this was the same stretch lace from my in the nude bra, only in black!)

And of course I used all my new elastics for it too! 🙂

And I just posted them in The Emerald Studio Etsy this morning!! I’m so happy I can finally share them with you! 🙂


This bodysuit just sewed up like a dream! I lined the cups with some 15 denier to give some soft support, and I lined the powerbar with some black bamboo to give it the same opaque black look as the center panel of my body suit, and to seam the edge for a clean finish!

I kept the back of the suit sheer to really show off the lace, and lined the back bra band with powernet to give the full support of a bra, with 3/4″ band elastic on the bottom of the bra, 3/4″ strap elastic for the straps, and 3/8″ elastic under the arm, on the neckline and for the legs!

And of course I had endless fun taking photos with Gibby 🙂 mom and I love to get him howling with us like one big dog pack 🙂 He’s getting so fluffy!

This week has been an amazing week! I’m so excited that I could get all of my new products out (and there’s still more on the way!) I love being able to share all of this with you and put all of my time and care into finding all the very best things!!!

Also don’t forget that next Sunday is the April Round-Up! How did that go so quickly!!

Make sure you send me all of your lovely makes this month to: bra.a.week@gmail.com ! I just love seeing everything that you’ve made 🙂

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Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday!