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The Bliss Wire

Jun 29, 2017 | Tutorials | 0 comments

Hi All,

This post is all about my Bliss Underwire!


If you want to know more about underwire styles & the wires I offer check out – Underwire Styles & Body Types

If you’re looking for more info on fitting underwires check out – How to Fit an Underwire


This is maybe my most use wire from my collection- it’s clear that I really love this wire! The Bliss is one of my wires that starts to get a little more specific into body types and fit- without being too specialty. The Bliss, also known as a ‘vertical’ style of wire- is a taller and narrower wire. I named this wire Bliss for the obvious reason that it is amazing- but also it was inspiration from a friend 🙂


You can find the printable PDF wire  chart for this wire here: Bliss Wire Chart PDF


Buy this wire HERE, or get the Fitting Pack HERE

So here are the specs for this wire:


This wire is a tall and narrow wire. It’s similar in overall length and height to the Round wire, but with a more narrow ‘U’ shape. It’s great for bra styles with a very narrow bridge.


This wire is designed for people who have more of a ‘Tall Oval’ shape, most commonly it’s best for people who have a medium to large cup size, and a smaller rib cage, with very little space between their breasts. This wire helps to bridge the bridge of your bra back to the chest wall, because they can sit closer together.


There are no patterns that are designed specifically for this wire, but it’s a very similar overall length to the Round wire, so you could easily swap out your wires- or if you are working with a pattern designed for the Orange wire (which is a little shorter at the centre front) you can always raise the centre front to accommodate this wire.


I’ve used this wire so many times! It’s clear that it’s a favourite for me!


Most recently I used it in my Bamboo Foam Bras – you can see that they give a beautiful shape- and are a little more narrow at the bridge.

I’ve also used this wire in my: Black Beauty, Snow White, Lily of the Valley, Red Valentine, The Emerald, Slice of Paradise….. the list goes on


Do you love the Bliss Wire as much as I do? What have you made with it?


I love to hear from you!






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