Latte at Midnight Set + GIVEAWAY!!

Hi All!

I have a new set for you!! YAY! I feel like it’s been WAY too long since I made my last bra- and I really got the sewing bug in my new studio, so I thought it would be good to start off with something gorgeous!



I’m calling this set Latte at Midnight because it’s with my *NEW* ย Midnight Bra Tulle & Bamboo and my Latte findings! I’m OBSESSED with this new colour!

So, of course, before I get too far into this post- I have to tell you more about the GIVEAWAY!!

This giveaway is being hosted on Instagram for #BRAugust2017 ! I am this Tuesday’s sponsor- for Matching Set (of course!).

To enter: post a photo to instagram this Tuesday (Aug 22)

hashtag it with #BRAugust2017 & tag me @emeralderinsews to be entered!

So.. what am I giving away? – The kit to make your own set just like this of course!

although I do have some other beautiful colour options for you to choose too!

Of course these are all available on my Etsy too!

Now back to the set!!

This bra, as always, is self-drafted. I based the fit off of my favourite Black Beauty bra, so it’s quite similar in cup shape.

The cup is a 5 piece cup, lower cup split into 3, upper cup, and powerbar. The bra is made of two layers of tulle with opposing directions of stretch. And the other perk about using a double layer of tulle is that you can use a stitch and flip method and encase all of your seams inside- so that it’s beautifully finished inside and out!

I love the way the Midnight goes with the Latte- to me this is just the perfect colour combo ๐Ÿ™‚

And some matching panties of course! This pair is also self drafted, a solid front with these tulle panel details. The back is cut like a boyshort with a seam down the middle- which I find extra comfy!

I felt this bra deserved more than one pair of undies to go with it! So I made another matching pair- a cute little thong, with a double strap!

I absolutely love these undies- they are so soft and comfy- and the thong goes so well under anything! For this one I use a bit of bamboo for some self binding along the leg openings which is just the ultimate for soft comfort!

It was so awesome doing the first photos in the new studio too! So bright and airy! Gibby even got ย a turn!

I’m pretty in love with this new set ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you been sewing anything that you love lately? Don’t forget that next week is the August #BraNews – so make sure to send me all the gorgeous things you’ve been making!!

and of course don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Happy Sunday!!



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  • Livi

    I LOVE the panties, Erin! They look so elegantโ€”especially the diagonal tulle stripes. Pleeease consider selling the pattern for this underwear design in your shop!

  • Liz

    Hi there, is this bra pattern for sale in your shop? Thx!

  • Lori

    please release this pattern? it’s stunning!! I would so love to have a drawer full of bras based on this design. <3

  • Anna Kay Bourg

    I love the decorative effect of the split bottom cup. I assume you did not do this to add volume, but I might be wrong. If I don’t need to add volume to the bottom cup, I imagine I can simply cut any bottom cup piece in 3, add seam allowance and sew it up, no? Any hints, tips or tricks? Would love to see you selling patterns ๐Ÿ˜‰ You might remember me from years ago when you were working with Beverly (I’m almost positive it was you). You had helped a client of hers draft a lovely bra for a small busted woman and I asked if I could get the pattern for my daughter. Since then, I’ve always on the look-out for patterns you might sell.

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks! It was probably me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always been keen on pattern drafting! And I have my first pattern coming out very soon ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      For the cup, if you don’t want to add volume- you can absolutely just split the cup, add seam allowances, and sew it back together for the style- it is a really beautiful look! On this one I did add a tiny bit of volume, just to round the cup a little more, but not much volume!

  • Beth

    Hi Erin, I can see that you used latte picot elastic on the edges of the the panties with the tulle panels, but it looks like you may also have used “something” midnight-blue along the edge of the tulle before the picot elastic? I can’t quite see… Did you do something cool and tricky?

    • Emerald Erin

      Actually there’s no trick- it’s just the double layer of tulle folding back on itself that gives the more solid midnight blue look ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LaChelle

    love the bra! Did you use sheer cup lining for the bridge/frame

  • Reply

    This is such a pretty combo Erin. I’m wondering if the kit might have enough bamboo to make the Shelley bra with only using the tulle in the top half of the bra {where lace often goes}. Does my question make sense?

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks Sue! I’m very sure there would be enough! there’s a whole 1/2 meter- so you would have to make some pretty covering undies with very few scraps leftover to not have enough left for some bra cup pieces! That’s a great idea for a set!

  • Reply

    Very pretty! Love the contrast of the latte with the navy.

  • Reply

    SO in love with this set!! I looooove the black/latte colour combination but would never have thought to pair the black fabric with beige findings – and am blown away by how chic it looks! Definitely got me inspired to make some more lingerie soon…and blog about the last set I made a few months ago but haven’t had the chance to post about yet haha. Always love seeing your makes! ๐Ÿ˜€ xxx

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks Maddy! It’s actually more of a midnight blue/navy colour with the latte- but I think a black would be fantastic too! Can’t wait to see your new set!

  • Reply

    Amazing set Erin! Adore the midnight / latte color combo!

  • Reply

    This is so beautiful! I haven’t made a bra yet but I really want to!

  • Susan

    Gorgeous set! May I ask how you finished/stabilised the inner edge of the power bar (above the upper cup attachment). Your drafting skills are awesome!

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks Susan! I didn’t actually have to stabilize that edge. When you use bra tulle in a double layer with opposing graininess, it gives you a very sturdy fabric! – It is sewn together and topstitched there- but that’s all ๐Ÿ™‚

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