Face, Eye and Lip Favourites!

Face, Eye and Lip Favourites!

Hi All,

I thought I should be random this Friday and do something that I’ve never done on here before- review some make-up products that I’ve been loving!

If some of you don’t know already, I am a bit of a make-up addict and I enjoy watching countless hours of make-up tutorials and reviews on YouTube, as well as trying out new looks on myself.

Anyways- I have found some new products recently that I have been using a lot and really loving- so I’m going to show you my new face, eyes and lips favourite!

First with the face favourite- I am loving the Revlon 24hrs  ColourStay foundation.

I have this in the colour 110 Ivory, also known as ‘as pale as it gets’. And I think it is a really great colour and matches in well with my skin tone. This is a fairly high coverage liquid foundation and I find that it buffs into my skin really well when I apply it with a buffing brush. The main reason that I tried out this foundation was because I found that my old foundation (Infallible by L’Oreal) was drying a little bit orange on my skin- which is really obvious when you are as pale as I am. This foundation has not done that so far- and I find that it has really good staying power and will last on my skin all day. For reference I tend to have fairly dry skin.

My second fav is for the eyes and it is the new ‘LASH OUT Butterfly’ mascara from L’Oreal

I love this- I think this is one of those new brush shapes that isn’t just a gimmick- the longer tips on the one end curve around to the shape of my eye and get my outer lashes way better! I generally love all the mascaras in the voluminous range from L’Oreal, but this one really does it the most for me- it has their good formula and a really great brush- I’m sold, I already bought my second of these for when I run out of my first! – I got mine in ‘black’.

My last favourite is a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the colour 109

If you follow many beauty vloggers- you may know that this is a bit of a cult favourite of the drugstore lipsticks. I first bought this lipstick in the colour 107 (which is a really dark vampy red) and I just recently got it in 109 which is this super bright coral-pink colour- I put it on as I was leaving the store and I got a compliment on it only minutes later! These lipsticks are very highly pigmented and long lasting- they are also fairly matte and a little on the drier side, not very creamy- but I feel like this is what helps them to last for so long. Luckily they don’t seem to dry my lips out- so it is really a must have in my make-up bag- especially in this colour for spring!

I have been absolutely loving all these products lately- and they were all used in the make-up look I had on in my post yesterday to take picks of the new jacket I made.

I love this look for spring with the long lashes, flawless skin and bold lip!

And these products were all pretty essential in bringing me from this (no make-up cringe):

To this (super polished!):

I was looking out my window to take these pics and it was so bright- most of them were like this lol:

But this look is SUPER on trend for this spring, especially with a more orange-based lip colour! Pixiwoo – my girl crushes- actually just put up a make-up tutorial yesterday with a look similar to this! I feel so ahead of the trend!! (if you like make-up tutorials- seriously check it out they are amazing)

Hope your Friday is Fantastic!! and if you have any make-up favourites, or have been loving the same products as I have- leave them in a comment!!

xo erin

Fighting Evil By Moonlight…

Fighting Evil By Moonlight…

♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year ♫- yes Halloween! As both a sewing and Halloween fanatic, I can declare that this is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, a time of year where you can dress up however you want, in whatever costume, and you can make it yourself!

This year, I will admit that I let my make-up loving side get the better of me and went as a sugar skull- which has no special costume elements in particular and I just wore a black dress…. BUT THE MAKE-UP WAS SO COOL! – I did lose a part of my sewing soul though….
BUT I did have a chance to make a costume earlier this month (making up for my lack of epic costume on Halloween), and as the title of this post suggests- ♫ it was the one named Sailor Moon ♫! I was huge a fan of Sailor Moon when I was a kid, and I remember watching them thinking “they’re so pretty and brave!” and that tuxedo mask probably still had cooties… anyways 
It all started when my sister said- “Hey there’s a super hero themed pub night at my college, want to make us some costumes for it?”, and I said “DO I?! – YES!!, when is it?”, and she said “tomorrow night”….. So after a frantic trip to Fabricland, and to H&M to get two white v-neck t-shirts, I started on my marathon of sewing to finish our Sailor costumes: Sailor Moon (for my blonde sister) and Sailor Jupiter (for brunette me!). 
After quite a few hours, and an unknown amount of “will I get this done on time?” moments, that were calmed with chocolate, I finally finished the costumes!! And they were amazing!
After doing the first one, the second one was a lot easier to whip up. And seeing as everything in the costume has ample amounts of lycra, eyeballing all the measurements worked out fine. Some of my favourite costume elements are the gloves, and the bows, who doesn’t want a huge bow on their butt?, and as I am Emerald Erin, I was quite pleased with the overall colour scheme that Sailor Jupiter has going on.
This is a photo taken at the actual event and, as you can see, my sister is the gloriously tan and blonde one, and I am the almost fluorescently pale brunette, and in the middle is our friend who went with a batwoman theme. – I can say that we were perhaps more dressed up than most, but our costumes were generally loved, and I do feel like this makes up, at least in part, for my lack of sewn costume this Halloween. 
As a last little tidbit to this Halloween post, I will share the Halloween costumes of my favourite stuffed animals growing up, my first models for sewing as a kid, I’m not sure how old I was when I made them these costumes, probably 10-12 – a witch, a pumpkin and a fairy! And I still dress them up for Halloween every year!
Happy Halloween!
xo erin