[BAW32] : Slice of Paradise

[BAW32] : Slice of Paradise

Hi All!

I had to call this one my ‘Slice of Paradise’, partly because I took these photos in a gorgeous secluded beach in the south of Prince Edward County, that is a paradise, and because this bathing suit is everything I wanted and more!

When I first thought about the design of this suit, I was like ‘MOM! How cool would this be??’ (since my mom is my go-to person to get opinions) and her response was a little more along the…. ‘That reminds me of the 80’s, in a mens wrestling outfit kinda way’. Which was not quite the look I was going for. But at this point in my swimwear wardrobe, I can afford to take some risks ha ha


So I present to you my latest suit. It is a bottom with racer back, and suspender straps attaching to the front. (never have I been more confident that my bottoms will never come off, even if I dive in the water!). And a strapless bra bikini top to match!


There is something so special about this suit, it makes me feel like an absolute beach babe 🙂

I think one of my favourite parts of this suit is the bra top. Normally I’m not much of a strapless girl, but I have to say, I wore this suit all day, climbing over rocks, swimming and jumping all over, and I didn’t even think about adjusting the top once! I was pretty amazed.

I drafted the bottoms of this suit based off my favourite bikini bottoms, because I love the cut of the leg. The legs are finished with elastic, but the top edge and racer back are finished with a self-binding edge, which was a nice and tidy way to attach the little rings to connect the straps.

The bra pattern was based on my black beauty horizontal seam fav, and I used my Bliss underwires (which are a great option for strapless and keeping the girls together and up!). There are a couple little modifications to do for a strapless, like narrowing the bridge, making the band a hint tighter and taking a pinch out of the neckline of your cup(right about where your strap would have been).

For the back I decided to do my classic, three straps with G-hooks, and I used these gorgeous gold ones that I got in a trade from Tailor Made Shoppe <3


As for the rest of the suit, here are all the materials I used: 


As for this photoshoot location, well this is a gorgeous little rock beach in the south of Prince Edward County <3, and yes, this is an oak tree that’s growing off the edge of a very high cliff, but this photo is a bit of an illusion, I’m not quite as ‘perched on the edge’ as I look.

But to counter-balance the heights, I made sure to have some time laying on the beach too 🙂

And of course, the mandatory Gibby photo, because even if he’s soaking wet, I’m going to hug him 🙂 He was SO happy that he got to come along for this photo shoot, he’s quite an avid little swimmer!

Is this my favourite suit of the summer? I can say, absolutely yes! I’m in love!

What is your favourite style of swimsuit?

Talk to me in the comments!



[BAW23]: Gingham Bikini

[BAW23]: Gingham Bikini

Hi All!

It’s SWIMWEAR MONTH!!! You know me, this is my favourite, there’s nothing better than making swimwear- it’s like underwear for outerwear that I can show off to the world (not just online he he)!

And I was thinking about what I wanted to make this month and reminiscing about last year and my favourite makes, and last year on Week 23, I made my Retro Gingham 2 piece bathing suit– which I still love so much! But this time I thought- wouldn’t it be nice to have that same feel but in something a little lighter, more bikini, less ruched?

So I present to you my 2016 Gingham make- the Gingham Bikini! Yes, I am completely in love!

I made this using the same pattern from my demi lace bra in Week 4 with my France Wires, which I think gives it that perfect itsy-bitsy bikini look- but with WAY more actual support and shape!

But most exciting of all I used my new microfiber foam! It’s an absolute dream to work with and is like heaven against your skin, I think this is going to be my new staple! I just love the look and feel of foam in my bras and this foam is the best I’ve ever worked with!

I sewed my foam up like usual, finishing the top of the bikini with a binding edge, and using my swimwear elastic for a clean finish on the bottom band. Which also goes along with the simple elastic finish on my bikini bottoms!

And the fit of this is, as usual, spot on! And I think the foam makes it sit even more comfortably and smoothly! I can’t wait to wear this to the beach this summer!

But I suppose lounging around in the sunroom with Gibby isn’t too bad either 🙂

Of course, I don’t like to make things that I can’t offer to all of you lovelies, so here are the links:

So what do you think? Do you like this new bikini version? Or do you like last year’s retro stylings?

It’s a tough decision, I guess I’ll just have to run around all summer in these to see which one wins for me 🙂 *those moments when you really love your job* 🙂


How is the start of your June? Any little teasers about what you’re making?

You know I always love to hear from you!



[BAW12]: The Cast Away Collection

[BAW12]: The Cast Away Collection

Hi All!!

I am so excited for another week of swimwear and to show you more pics of all the swimsuits that I made this month!  As you saw from last week, I made three different style bottoms: The High Waisted, the Boyshort and the Bikini, which to me are all essential in a swim wardrobe!!

I’m calling these my Cast Away Collection! Because they are everything that I would want if I was cast away on an island (along with my piña colada, mask & snorkel of course!)





I think of high-waisted bathing suits as so glamorous! I like it start right at my natural waist to show off the smallest part! And a medium cut on the leg height, to make your legs look nice and long!


I love a good print with this style too, something that screams glamorous tropical island!

A little bit of ruching never goes amiss either!




I think of this as a more sporty chic style! It’s what I always reach for if I’m going to be running along the beach, or poking in the tide pools for critters! And I love this style under my wetsuit too!

It’s super comfortable to wear and lets you get up to all sorts of shenanigans like my sister and I were!




The bikini to me is such a classic, it’s so fun and flirty! I like my bikini to be just a little bit cheeky and high-cut to make your legs look a million miles long!


They are even better when you make them in a mermaid print, and go swimming in the ocean! I bet I scared all the sea turtles with my paleness!

But it’s also the perfect style to lounge on a hammock and tan!

Did I get you all excited for some swimwear??

Next month I’m going back to some bra-making, but I promise that isn’t it for swimwear!! I will be releasing this Cast Away Collection as PDF patterns sometime next month! EEKK!!

So are you excited for next month? Which style of bottoms is your favourite?

Also don’t forget to send in all your submissions to bra.a.week@gmail.com for the March Round-Up Post next Sunday!!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!





Hi All!!!

YAY it’s finally here!!!




AND to celebrate I’m giving away a FREE package of Schmetz Stretch 75/11 Needles with every kit!!

I can’t believe it’s finally all come together!! And I have a beautiful selection of 11 SWIMWEAR KITS!! Some of the prints you might recognize and some are new! But all are hand picked and matched by me with love 🙂 🙂

Right now I have only swimwear kits, later in the day I’m going to add my sliders & rings, later underwires, and next week (*praying for shipments to come in soon!!*) I will finally have bra kits & findings kits!!

I’ve decided to slowly release more products over the coming weeks because I don’t want to swamp myself with a million things all at the start! I’ve also only listed 1 of every item until I can get a handle on my inventory management and better control my listings- but for lots of the prints I’ll have enough for a second or third listing of the kits- so if your favourite disappears don’t worry, there’s a chance I’ll have enough for another!

Here are some of the Swimwear Kits!!





All of my kits have a beautiful printed fabric, and a coordinating solid colour fabric- because that is my FAV way of making swimwear and I feel it looks so professional and gives WAY more style and design options! It’s also all high quality matte-finished swimwear that won’t have a white background when you stretch it!!

I decided to give two options for quantities in the kits for One-Piece Swimsuits and Two-Piece Swimsuits! Both are the same price and have very similar overall amounts of fabric, they are just divided differently to make it easier for suit making!

One-Piece Swimsuit kits have more of the printed swimwear fabric and less of the solid coordinating colour. They also have more lining to cover a full one-piece suit, but less elastic because you don’t need it for waistbands!

Two-Piece Swimsuit Kits have the same amount of printed and solid coordinating fabric so you can mix & match! They have less lining, but more elastic, for waist bands and bikini strings!

The exact amounts of everything are in the listings!!

I did a fair amount of research on patterns and fabric quantities out there to try to make sure that there was enough fabric in the kits for most projects- but of course you can’t accommodate for everything- like super-ruched suits!

Which is why there is a CUSTOM KIT OPTION!! I don’t have a specific listing to make a custom kit- but on any of the kits that you see offered- you just let me know your amounts and I’ll put together whatever you need! 🙂

The other thing you’ll notice is that I have Canadian and United States shipping options pre-entered – but for all other international shipping just send me an email and I’ll calculate a price! It’s too difficult to go through every single country for every kit and figure out all the shipping prices and I don’t want to have a general ‘Everywhere’ price and end up way over charging some people! So just send me an e-mail and I’ll figure out your shipping!

I am SO excited to be starting this shop and sharing my love of swimwear 🙂 🙂

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything please let me know!! I want to build an online business that you all love! 🙂

Happy shopping!!

xo erin


Tutorial: Two Ways to Sew Swimwear Straps

Tutorial: Two Ways to Sew Swimwear Straps

Hi All!

Today I have a tutorial!! YAY!! I know I’ve been promising more tutorials on swimwear this summer and here is my first! and it’s picture heavy!!

When you make swimwear chances are your going to need to make some straps- like bikini strings, or little halter straps but these techniques also apply on wider straps too!

I like to make my bikini strings with elastic in them. Generally straps are going to have to hold up against some lifting and pulling, and I find that swimwear alone is too weak and will stretch further than your stitches will allow for, giving you less support and more chances of popped stitches.

The elastic I use for narrow straps/strings is the same as my general swimwear elastic- I like a silicone coated rubber, in 9mm width (which is a hair under 3/8″). But, as I said, this technique applies to wider elastics too!


This is a one-stitch method, where you are essentially stitching your elastic to the seam allowance of your fabric and turning it right side out- it has to be a little more precise with measurements and stitch placement. Let me break it down:

First you start off with your fabric- you need a strip of your swimwear fabric that is exactly 4X the width of your swimwear elastic– so for my 3/8″ elastic that would be 12/8″ or 1 1/2″- by however long you want your strap. I love to do this with my quilting ruler and my rotary cutter!

Now that you have your strip you fold and pin it in half lengthwise, right sides in like this:


Then you line up your elastic with the cut edges of your strip of fabric. (you can pin this but I find the elastic is a nightmare to pin, and it’s easier to just feed it in as you go). You will notice that the fold of fabric that your elastic doesn’t cover is the same width as your elastic.

Now your going to stitch through your elastic and layers of swim fabric with a zig-zag stitch, something with a good amount of stretch allowance. On my machine like to use a 2.5 X 2.5 stitch.  Don’t stretch your elastic when you do this!

It’s important that your stitches are towards the inside of the elastic (towards the fold of fabric)- you want one of your stitches right on the edge of your elastic. This is important because it determines the size of tube you are creating for the cover of the elastic- too far to the outside edge of your elastic and your tube will be too big, and if you stitch off the elastic into the fabric fold then you make the tube too small! It should look like this:

Now you have to turn your strap. This is the part that is a bit of a pain- the best method is to close off one end of your tube and use the ‘stick and the straw’. – this one is called the “Turn it All”

You feed your straw through the tube up to the closed end,

This is partly where the frustration can come- if you have a LONG strap (like the rib-cage string on a bikini!) there is a lot of squeezing and squishing to get all your strap on the tube without it coming off the other end!

Then when you get to the end you use the stick to poke it though your straw, turning it right-side out!


Your final result is a string, with a seam near the back edge of your strap- and a plain front, all seam allowances enclosed! It’s also nice because the elastic is stitched down in the strap so it can’t twist or bunch! You will see the stitches at the seam but they are very minimal- in this example I used a contrasting black just so you could see better- I should also tighten up my stitch a little!

I like this method because you can do it in one stitch- and all the edges are enclosed. Also with matching thread and a nice tight stitches the seam is almost invisible giving it a very professional look! The downside is having to turn it (you will know what I mean when you try it!) and also- if you do ever break a stitch on this, you pretty much have to turn it back inside out to fix it *gulps*.
So to compare here’s another way!


This method is slowly winning for me- it takes less precision, less measuring and is a little quicker for long straps/strings- but it does have a different result- both methods have a place!

For this method you are going to cut your strip of swimwear at least 4X wider than your elastic- but this doesn’t have to be precise. You could also just use the straight edge of your whole yardage of swimwear fabric.

You start by lining up your elastic at the outer edge of your strip of fabric, with the wrong side of the fabric touching the elastic.


Then you’re going to stitch your elastic to the fabric- again don’t stretch your elastic.

Use a zig-zag (again I used a 2.5 X 2.5), and your going to stitch towards the outer edge of your elastic- it doesn’t have to be right on the edge but you want to keep it closer to that side. It should look like this:

Then you’re going to take your elastic and your going to fold it once in toward the fabric with the right side of the fabric out,

Then you’re going to fold it a second time in towards the fabric, so that your stitches are hidden, and are facing away from you.

Now you’re going to stitch that down. As your stitching you want to make sure that you keep some tension on your extra fabric hanging out to the side, so that it stays nice and smooth and the elastic stays wrapped up tight!

You’re going to stitch towards the ‘inner edge’ of your elastic – towards the extra fabric, this will make sure that your first line of stitching doesn’t show. But you don’t want to stitch right on the edge- leave about 1/8-1/4 of an inch from the outside of your stitch to the edge of you elastic.

Then you flip it over and trim off your extra fabric- this is why it’s good to leave that 1/8-1/4″ to the edge of your elastic- so when you trim the fabric it stays neat on the backside of your strap and doesn’t stick out from the edge.

What I like about this method is that it is also very secure- if for any reason your stitches break, there is a double row of stitching, and you can also go over it and fix it without too much bother. It’s also so quick and easy- no turning the straps right side out, no precise measurements to worry about for accuracy.  I also find this easier for wider straps. The downside is that you have a visible zig-zag on the outside, and a raw edge (although swimwear doses’t fray).
I’ve used both methods quite a bit:
This is the first method for some sleek strings on this bikini from Week 12 :
And the second method for some wide straps on the back of my retro suit from Week 23:

Which method do you like better?

Also what other swimwear tutorials would you like to see this summer?

Happy Sewing!

xo erin