Hi All!!

Can you believe that we’ve made it to Week 20? How crazy is that! As you know I extend this challenge from the original goal of 3 months, for another 9 weeks until the end of May, until Week 20. But as you also know- I’m having way to much fun with the challenge to end it here! So, as I’m sure you’ve suspected- I’m extending the challenge! YAY!!

So what I’ve planned, is to extend the challenge myself until the end of June, with one more month of swimwear as my goal!, but after June- I’m going to be handing the challenge off for the summer to a guest host! 🙂 I’ll be giving you more details on that in the next week- but I can tell you that you’ve seen here on here quite a bit!! 😉

And now on to my swimwear make of the week! I’m really excited about this one!

When I was deciding what to make for this week, I was thinking of the gaps that I have in my swimwear wardrobe right now, and I found that I had a lot of cute things, and a lot of pretty things, but I didn’t have anything sportier and I didn’t have anything that covered my shoulders. So that thought, combined with my new love of the Nettie pattern from Closet Case Files (I made this and this Nettie project in the last couple weeks!), lead me to this suit!

Mid-rise bottoms, with full coverage in the back and forward front seams, in a solid navy, combined with a bikini top and crop swim shirt with 3/4 sleeves in a navy/green/white leopard print! I am totally going to be playing beach volley ball in this!!

The leopard print had this pattern where it went more dense with spots to less dense, so I placed the pieces on the horizontal, and had it more dense on the bust fading to less dense with more of the white background to the top of the suit- which I think gave a great effect!

What I love so much about this suit is that you can have it with the shirt over, and not have to worry about your top being skimpy for some real swimming (because I’m not an all-day lounger), and not have to worry about your shoulders in the beating sun (especially if you are as pale as I am!). But then if you want something a little sexier for the hot tub at the end of the night, you just take the shirt off and you have a matching bikini underneath!

I made the bikini by covering triangle foam cups, so it’s a lot more supportive and shapely than just a fabric triangle, and under the swim shirt it gives a lot more coverage and support too!

And I finished everything with navy binding, which I think gave a really great touch, and tied it in with the bottoms really well!

This suit is Gibby approved!

I’m so happy with this suit- and I can see a lot more swim-shirts in my future! I’ve been adding them into my swimwear board on Pinterest for some inspiration, and I’ve seen some great things with raglan sleeves and colour blocking.

What are your opinions on swim-shirts?

And now on to your lovely makes!
First we have this pretty bra from new contributor Bonnie!

Bonnie made this pretty pink and brown bra with foam cups and some coordinating lace. Great combination, and who doesn’t love that polka-dot elastic on the bottom band! Lovely!

We have another new contributor project today from Alexandra!

Alexandra made this super-sexy bustier from Kwik Sew pattern 3166. She used sheer black 15 denier on the side panels, and regular black powernet for the rest! I love the addition of the sheer sides!

She also got creative with the straps- I’m completely loving this strapping detail with the rings in the front- so sexy and very 50 Shades!! Love it!

Next we have a couple bikinis from Diana of Diana Lingerie Design!

Diana made these bikinis from a self-drafted pattern! She’s worked on this pattern for a little while and now she’s run away with beautiful prints and details! I love how the different prints give them such a different look- and make them gorgeous in different ways!!

I have to say that this one is my favourite- I am so in love with this print! It’s both tropical and whimsical! And oh-my that strap detail! how gorgeous is that! Simply stunning! Don’t forget to check out Diana’s post on her suits, over on her blog!

Next we have a pink and black beauty from David of Bonnet Blue!

David made this bra with black foam cups and a seamed pink lace cover. He also used some complimentary lace on the back band too! Very pretty, and such a nice embroidered lace!

David is a freelance lingerie designer, label: Bonnet BlueFacebook Page

dpolrolniczak (at) wp (dot) pl

And last but not least we have a pretty purple submission from Lisette!

Lisette made this bra for her mom from the Merkwaerdigh CUPL 16 pattern – what a nice daughter!

I’m loving this colour choice- with the matching lace- very very pretty! What a nice set with the undies- your mom is very lucky to have you around! 🙂 Beautiful!


What a spectacular week! You guys are truly doing some amazing things! I am so blown away- you constantly inspire me 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to bra.a.week@gmail.com by Friday for the next Sunday post!!

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Happy Sunday!

xo erin