Hi All!

Today I have a very pretty and classy suit! A nice change from all the sportier things I’ve been doing!

I definitely threw a million design elements in this one! It is a one-piece suit with a modesty panel ending right at the hips, ruched in the front with a simple triangle style top! Very classic, vintage and pretty.

But here is where it gets interesting! The back- oh the back! I had some fun with rings and cut-outs in the back and made this cool detail of cut-outs, and attaching the front straps. I also stitched down the non-ruched modesty panel in the back (because it just wouldn’t stop riding up!)


I love it- I love it- I love it!!


Now I can’t take all the credit for the design on this suit- because it was really a love-child between two gorgeous suits worn by my ultimate girl-crushes *swoon*!


The front was inspired by this beautiful suit worn by Lana Del Rey in a photoshoot, and the back was inspired by this amazing suit Kiera Knightly wore in the movie Atonement.  (If only I could be so glamorous!) These both being on my swimwear pin-board!

I finished all the back cut-out sections with self-binding and I finished the triangle cups with self-binding too! For the cups, I lined only the cup- section, leaving an open gap at the top so I could insert molded triangle cups for extra oomph! but I wanted to make them removable for the wash, or in case I didn’t feel like wearing them one time.

I also reinforced the underbust seam (where the cups attach to the body) with a strip of elastic enclosed in binding, so that the gap between the cups was stronger and wouldn’t stretch out, and it had a little more support!

I feel like it’s stiff competition between this suit and my black and floral bombshell suit from Week 18  as my most glamorous swimwear! I can’t wait to get a huge floppy hat, big sunglasses and lounge in all my glamorous glory this summer- imagining that I’m Lana Del Rey or Kiera Knightly *sigh*

A girl can dream 😉

But now all of your lovely submissions!

First we have a pretty purple bra from Monserratt Lopez of MexicanPink!

She made her bra using the Classic Pattern from Pin-Up Girls, and the help of the Craftsy bra-making classes! I love when people have success from the Craftsy classes 🙂

She used a lilac coloured kit from Bra-maker’s Supply with the beautiful addition of some purple lace 🙂 Gorgeous! Don’t forget to check out Monserratt’s post over on her blog!

Next we have a very chic bralette from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

Sofia made this bralette with some Pinterest inspiration! Seeing other bralettes with cut-out triangles on the bridge. I am such a sucker for cut-outs, so I’m all about this trend- absolutely love it!

Sofia made this using a lovely combination of red satin, pink power net and black elastics. Don’t forget to check out Sofia’s post over on her blog!

Next we have a bright foam cup bra from Anne!

Anne made this bra as a clone of a favourite RTW bra, and she used this bright and beautiful green spandex! She loves that you can make a bright bra using fabrics that you wouldn’t use for clothing- and I agree! Beautiful work!

Last but not least we have this very sexy bra from Kristy!

Kristy made this bra using the Pin-Up Girls Classic bra pattern, and supplies from Bra-maker’s Supply. I love this red-and-black combination- always sexy!

She used the lace to cover the front frame, the upper cup, and to cover the strap and used black elastics to coordinate! Love it!


As always- very beautiful work from everyone! You guys are crazy inspiration for me!

Don’t forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to bra.a.week@gmail.com by Friday for the next Sunday post!!

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Sofia talked about your source of inspiration on her bra-post this week- and mentioned that the feels very inspired by Pinterest, and asked where you get your inspiration.

I have to agree with Sofia- Pinterest is definitely my favourite source of inspiration (like it was for my swimsuit this week!) and all of the bras that you submit to me every week! But  I would say that second to that it’s the fabric- I see a beautiful print or a colour and a drape and and idea comes straight into my head!

I want to continue Sofia’s discussion- what about you? where do you find your bra/swimwear inspiration?

Hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday!!

xo erin