Hi All!

Did you really think I’d make it too much longer without talking about lingerie?

It’s really a huge part of my wardrobe, and I have to say that after going through my style search, I realize that I haven’t focused my bra making towards a perfect ‘bra wardrobe’. Looking back, my bra making motivations have been much more focused on trying new techniques, fabrics or styles rather than picking specific beautiful things that fit with my wardrobe or lifestyle.



I can’t say that I regret any of my bras at all- I learn with every bra and I love pretty much every bra that I make. But it makes me think that in the future, I might think a little more specifically about what I want in my lingerie wardrobe.


I think one of the biggest stand-out things that I realized when I pulled everything out of my drawer is that I have very few matching sets. It’s something that I never cared about before – I remember wandering in to whatever bra section and just picking out whatever was the brightest or prettiest print, with a pair or two of black and nude for good measure- with no thought to matching them to my bras. But now my tastes are evolving and it is starting to matter to me more- there’s something that is so luxurious about wearing a matching set, something so sophisticated and secretly glamorous.

I do have a few matching sets, but usually it’s only one pair of underwear that match, and I think that a better ratio of bras to undies is 1:3 for me.

But despite that I do still have some bras that are my go-to bras, and different bras that I wear for different occasions! I’ve divided them into 4 categories.

The first category are what I think of as ‘sportier’ bras. These bras see a LOT of use. They are super comfortable, but also super supportive- and they are great for days when you’re going to be active and moving around a lot. On the left is my Grey T-Shirt bra set which is foam and bamboo, and on the right is a new Chartreuse bra out of wicking fabric that I recently made to replace my red wicking bra (RIP) – more details of that soon to come!

These next three are my bralettes. These are ‘Sunday Bras’, or Tuesday bras. They are for days where you are more relaxed and comfy/cozy. Not a gym day and not a day where I’m running all my errands. Maybe a day in the studio sewing or working on the blog. These are the peak of comfort and make me feel cosy. In the winter I wear them with a cosy sweater and in the summer they’re best with a light floaty tank top. I probably have a few extra days of the week sometimes when I wear these πŸ˜‰

From the left is my Winter Bralette– which is much more of an around-the-house bra now since it’s so old, then my In the Nude lace set which I think of as a ‘glamorous Sunday lounging set’, and the last one is a Purple Plaid one that I made my sister for Christmas, but it ended up being a little small for her, and she didn’t wear it- so I took it over πŸ™‚

These next ones I think of as my beauty bras. These ones are my staples and I love them so much. I wear these bras for everyday, but they’re ones that make me feel special and luxurious. I would wear these if I have a meeting to go to, or when I just want to feel great. They are all a little different and are best under different things, so I get to mix it up a lot. These are the sets that I really wish I had more matching panties to go with!

From the left: Lily of the Valley Set, Dreaming in Silk Bra, Black Beauty Bra

And finally- These bras are similar to the last category, but I don’t wear them quite as much. Β They’re both plunge style bras – so I’ll wear these more for a night out, if I’m wearing something that has a low neckline. I haven’t made matching undies for these, so generally I’ll just be wearing black or red boyshorts with them depending on whatever I’m wearing over them. I do love wearing them and they are important to my lingerie wardrobe, but I have to say that I feel the most beautiful in a more balconette style bra, rather than a plunging bra.

From the left: My Black Vixen bra (I have to say that the matching waist cincher is just a little too impractical for my everyday life), and then my Ivory Lace bra– which is an old favourite πŸ™‚

So that is my lingerie wardrobe. There are a few bras that I also love to wear and wear occasionally – but I also keep some of my beautiful bras for display at my studio, and to show people for examples (oh the sacrifices! lol)

The other thing that I get asked a lot about my collection is “Where are your seamless bras- don’t you see the seams through that with a thin t-shirt?’ – and I have to say- yes, yes you do see the seams, but what is wrong with that? I kind of like when my bras show through my shirts a little- because I really love them!


I think in the future, when I make more bras, I’m going to think a little more about what I have in my wardrobe, what I would like, if there are any bras that need to be replaced, and I think I’ll place a lot more importance on matching undies!

How about you? What does your underwear wardrobe look like?

Do you care about matching sets?

Let me know!