Exposing the Unders: Dreaming in Silk

Hi All!


This Sunday I have an exposing the unders on one of my favourite bras- Dreaming in Silk. This is one that has seen lot of wear since I made it just over a year ago. There’s something about it that is so perfectly me- it’s a relaxed fit, it’s has nice lines and is soft but not too girly? I don’t know, I just love it, and I wear it all the time. So I thought it was the perfect choice to deconstruct for you today!


— Very quick PSA first —

If you didn’t already read in my Reflections & Resolutions post- I’m bringing back my MONTHY ROUND UP!! and I want to add any bra news in there too! Just like before, they will be the last Sunday of every month- and it’s a great way to come together as a community, show off your gorgeous makes, find other bra makers and know what’s happening in the boob community.

So, if you’ve MADE A GORGEOUS BRA/SWIMSUIT/INTIMATE APPAREL, or if you’ve WRITTEN A TUTORIAL on lingerie or swimwear making, or generally have any BRA NEWS that you want to share- then please send pictures, descriptions and links to:


Now that that’s out of the way- let’s dive in!

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Sheer Guide: Bra Tulle, Sheer Cup Lining & 15 Denier

Hi All!

My post this Sunday is all about the sheer things, which are some of my favourite things! And I know that if you haven’t worked with these fabrics very much, then it can be a little confusing what they are and how you use them, so I made this comprehensive guide to knowing all of the sheer lovelies!

The three fabrics that I’m going to be covering in this guide are my favs: Bra Tulle, Sheer Cup Lining, and 15 Denier. They are all made differently, with different properties and different recommended uses, so I’ll be going over them each in detail!

Here we go!

Of course I’m going to start with my absolute fav first- Bra Tulle! This is what I’ve used for so many of my favourite bras like the Black Beauty, Snow White, Parisian and many more. There are so many great things about this fabric for bra making!  What I love most about it is that it’s deceptively easy to sew, and it almost feels like you’re being supported by a completely weightless fabric, because it’s so light and airy!


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Reflections & Resolutions


Hi All,


2017, it’s already here. wow. 2016 seemed to be that year of a million little changes for me, and a settling process. The year before, 2015, was my year of HUGE changes, like starting my business, opening my studio and moving back home- it was a MASSIVE year. But I found that 2016 was the year when all the dust settled, and I figured out which direction was up again, and I hit the ground running and sorting out all the little details and the everyday realities that 2015 left out.

And all of that is okay with me, I felt very ready for that after 2015. I’m a detail-oriented person, and I love when I have my own little space and hours to myself to work away on all the details and sort things out- and there was (and still is) a never ending list of things to do! It was the year where I started to hit my stride in other some areas, and then totally fall off the bandwagon in other areas, and the year where I really started to question all of my choices and decisions and think about my life and business more holistically with more concrete goals and vision.


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The Emerald

Hi All,


So I think it’s about time that this happened. An emerald green bra for Emerald Erin. And I have to say, I am SO in love with this set, it might be my favourite thing that I’ve ever made, but I mean that’s a bit of a a tall order – because I have a lot of love for a lot of my sets 🙂  – but I mean this one is emerald green, it’s hard to beat that!


And I won’t make you wait in suspense until the end of the post- yes I have kits!!


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New Madalynne Kits & Christmas at The Emerald Studio

Hi All,

Christmas always seems to come with a little chaos, there are a million things to add to your to-do list, so many people to see- so many cookies to eat. I always seem to get out of schedule around this time, my posts are more sporadic and I feel like my brain is teeming with ideas and plans for the new year. For me it falls into that category of ‘a lot’ – a lot of everything. But through it all I have managed to do some fun Christmas things, AND put together a couple more beautiful bra kits!


I’ll start with the bra kits because they are the most exciting!!  I can’t believe how quickly the other kits disappeared (only one or two left!) So I thought it was about time I found some more beautiful stretch laces and made a few new kits!

I found these three beautiful laces that I knew would be perfect for some more of the halter bralettes!



And then I couldn’t resist making two more kits for the 8229 Bra pattern out of this new black lace that I love- and a black & Antique gold which is always a stunner!


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