#BraNews August

Hi All!


August has been a lovely month. I think it’s one of the slower months in the bra making world as everyone soaks up the best weather of the summer and finally takes that weekend off to go somewhere and do something fun.

For me it was a busy month settling into my new studio. It is SO nice to finally feel moved in and start actually working in the new space- to get pattern drafting, sewing, to do a photoshoot – and now video! And I am always being happily surprised by how much I love my new spot and how much it suits me : )

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Making Of a Bra Set | Video

Hi All,


A little inspirational video of me making my latest bra set- so you can see a bit of the behind the scenes process! <3


You can watch it over on my YouTube Channel! 



Latte at Midnight Set + GIVEAWAY!!

Hi All!

I have a new set for you!! YAY! I feel like it’s been WAY too long since I made my last bra- and I really got the sewing bug in my new studio, so I thought it would be good to start off with something gorgeous!



I’m calling this set Latte at Midnight because it’s with my *NEW*  Midnight Bra Tulle & Bamboo and my Latte findings! I’m OBSESSED with this new colour!

So, of course, before I get too far into this post- I have to tell you more about the GIVEAWAY!!

This giveaway is being hosted on Instagram for #BRAugust2017 ! I am this Tuesday’s sponsor- for Matching Set (of course!).

To enter: post a photo to instagram this Tuesday (Aug 22)

hashtag it with #BRAugust2017 & tag me @emeralderinsews to be entered!

So.. what am I giving away? – The kit to make your own set just like this of course!

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The Best Supplies for YOUR Swimsuit! | Vlog

Hi All!!

This Sunday it’s all about swimwear- and all of the essential supplies for making a top quality suit- because I know when you’re first getting into making your own swimwear- it can be a little confusing to know what supplies you should get!


I made a video all about this over on my YouTube channel, if you want to see all the supplies in action 🙂

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Part II Moving Vlog!

Hi All!


I’m back at it again with the vlogs!! And this time it’s part II, so you can really see how the studio has come together and changed. I’m pretty much moved over to my new space, so now it’s just about all the little details ahead!


I’m SO SO happy with my new space, I really couldn’t have hoped for anything different! This vlog as always will give you a good tour of the studio and how it came together- and of course some Gibby fun too! Enjoy!



Watch my vlog here!



So what are you thinking about videos so far? Are there any videos that you would like to see from me? Any tutorials that you would like to see brought to film? any more vlogs? I’d love to hear all your suggestions!!


Happy Sunday!





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